A New York City multi-family building solar project financed by M-Core.

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Text Box: M-Core™ Credit serves as a full service asset based lender.  The principle service provided is equipment leasing and financing to qualified Lessees nationwide including municipal leasing, through our Equipment Finance Group since 1992.  Our primary specialty since 1997 has been financing energy savings measures, energy retrofit and sustainable energy projects. 

M-Core™ Credit Corporation™ ("MCC") is the oldest and most experienced lender of energy savings and energy retrofit projects in the multi-family and commercial segments with a general project size under $10,000,000.00.

This experience is reflected in the background of our management team as they are sought out by agencies such as NYSERDA, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, NYC Clean Heat and various consultants to utilities and municipalities, for their real-world practical experience in energy efficiency lending. 
M-Core™ Energy, a division of M-Core™ Credit Corporation was created to formalize M-Core™’s activities in the energy savings project arena since the 1990’s. The core purpose of M-Core™ Energy is to serve as a Partner in the NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Development Agency) Multi-Family Performance Program (MPP) and provide energy finance consulting.

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